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Welcome to Shelli's Jelly Jar Home Canning blog!

Custom label available for sale here Welcome to my canning blog! A place where I will be sharing recipes, anecdotes and links to custom canning supplies like sticker labels, recipe binders, aprons, hand towels, gift tags and more from my new niche store on called The Jelly Jar and where I design specialty items just for the canning enthusiast or cottage kitchen food preservation small businesses.     I hope you will make this a regular stop for your custom canning needs and information!
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This blog has made number Seven on the top 15 canning blogs at Feedspot!

 Hello jelly lovers!  Today I am excited to be able to say that my blog is number 7 on the top 15 canning blogs list at Feedspot and has 1000 followers! The post from feedspot is dated December 23, 2021 and I am very grateful to be on the list at all.  Last year I made it on the list and was number 13 out of 15 so it is great to know that I have climbed the ranks a little bit and I want to give thanks to you the readers for making it happen!   Thanks for being a reader and sharing and buying your specialty supplies from my shop! This has given me the encouragement I needed to decide I will begin regular posting here again starting slowly with at least one post each month, so stay tuned and I will see you again soon!  And let me show off an oldie but goodie for you honey farmers!  Buy it Here 

Dear Shelli's Jelly Jar blog readers...

 Hello and welcome. Due to life circumstances out of my control... this blog is currently on hold.  I hope to have some new posts soon but can't make any promises.   Hopefully I have provided enough content to still be of interest to readers and if you would like to see what the Jelly Jar Shop on Zazzle has new and old to offer in the way of labels, aprons, and more, please visit me at the link below!  Visit the Jelly Jar Shop on Zazzle HERE Thanks for visiting and enjoy browsing my existing posts.  PS. If I were to get a sudden influx of visitors and shares I would know that I need to get back to posting on this blog ASAP.   So if you enjoy the content you could share this blog on your social media or Pinterest boards and/or leave me a comment here.  In any case I am going to try to get back in the swing again in the near future as life allows.  

Great Fluffy Sourdough Biscuit Recipe

 In my search for the perfect sourdough bread I found this amazing recipe for fluffy sourdough biscuits. This is a great recipe for people who are gluten intolerant like my husband seems to be. The reason is that you really don't work the dough much at all and the gluten doesn't have a chance to develop.  I am also exploring some no knead bread recipes that he might be able to eat. But for now I would like to share this great recipe I discovered with you because fresh hot jelly biscuits just can't be beat in the comfort food department!  I have tested it out now making 4 batches and every one is perfect.  It is not as hard as the recipe sounds. As long as you follow the directions every time you should get consistent results.  For me it is the first biscuit recipe I have ever had success with so I am thrilled! ( recipe source: blog.) The trick for this recipe is to have everything ready in each bowl and be prepared to work quickly once you add the bak

My Absentee Excuse

 Hey!  Sorry I missed the whole month of March without checking in here... I have a great excuse if you want to hear it.  I got sidetracked from my jelly making by a hunt for the perfect sourdough bread recipe... because without bread you have no need for jelly or jam.   So I am closing in on that perfect bread and should be back to the jelly making real soon!   I am also still adding new designs to my store for those of you who are looking for the perfect canning label, or maybe you need a new apron or a recipe binder?  Visit my store HERE Check out the cool new recipe spiral notebooks I have added recently with more to come!  and don't forget to share my blog with your friends or family who love to can jelly!  Buy it Here

Valentines Day Hot Sweet Strawberry Jam Recipe

Well last year about this time, I posted a red hot valentines jelly recipe for you sweethearts out there. This year I wanted to be different and I found this unusual strawberry jam recipe that features the hot sweet flavor combination of strawberries and chipotle chiles.  I bet you could substitute your favorite hot pepper and get similar results but this one calls for the adobo chipotles.  Serve your sweetie breakfast in bed with this hot sweet treat on their favorite bread for a great start to a Valentines day to remember. Make it now and be ready!  Hot Sweet Strawberry Jam Ingredients    * 6 cups strawberries    * 7 oz can chipotle chiles in adobo (use less for milder flavor * 6.5 cups sugar * 1/4 cup lemon juice   * 1 package powdered pectin   Directions 1. Pulse process the chiles and berries in a food processor  being careful not to over process, you want some pieces of berry 2. Pour the berry mix, lemon juice, and pectin into a large non reactive pot and cook over me

January is Wheat Bread Month, Slap some Easy Homemade Apple Jelly on it!

As if we needed an excuse to eat jelly, January has offered up the perfect reason! Yep, I just found out that January is Wheat Bread Month, all month!  So you know what to do!   Break out the jars of summer goodness you canned and toast up some wheat bread!  Slather that puppy with butter and your favorite flavor of jam or jelly and celebrate the Wheat Bread!  The best part about this news is that each day in January is an excuse to have a new flavor! lol... What's that you say?  you don't have any jelly canned up?   Well here is your home remedy!  An easy apple jelly recipe to make so that you won't have to eat plain wheat bread this month. 😜    Easy Two Ingredient Apple Jelly Ingredients 4–6 cups apple juice (about 6 pounds of apples) 3 cups honey or 4–6 cups of sugar Instructions Juice your apples: Wash apples and remove the stems, any damaged areas and blossom ends.  Cut into quarters or slices with peels on.  (you need the peels for the pectin) Place apples in a

What I am canning in December: Deer Stew!

December is always a super busy time for me being married to a successful hunter in deer season, but I didn't want to let the month go by without a post.  I process all the meat myself whether grinding or canning and that leaves precious little time for jelly making. So no jelly recipe this time, only a couple of photos of my big canning project that has become a Christmas tradition.   Last week I canned deer chili and today I canned venison stew.  It is a snowy day here in Oklahoma so actually perfect weather for canning day!  Anyway I want to wish you all a Merry Christmas and I will post again  with new jelly and jam recipes in the new year.   Yummy Deer Stew!  The view out my back door Buy this lable HERE